Multiplatform (Mac, Windows, Linux) for systematic volcanic hazard assessment and risk management

VOLCANBOX is a multiplatform that integrates in a systematic and sequential way a series of well-tested tools addressing various aspects of the volcanic hazard processes and risk assessment. It is a resource to build the strategies required to successfully confront and minimise the impact of future volcanic eruptions.

Before using VOLCANBOX, experts must engage community planners to discover what they need. In this way, experts who effectively use VOLCANBOX will actively work with civil protection agencies to share, unify, and exchange procedures, methodologies, and technologies, thereby reducing the effects of volcanic disasters by improving assessment and management of volcanic risk.

 The use of VOLCANBOX will help identify differences between the levels of hazard assessment in various volcanic areas and possible existing gaps in the basic information required to conduct volcanic risk assessment and management, regardless of local specific features.

This research was funded by the European Commission (EC ECHO Grant SI2.695524: VeTOOLS; http://www.vetools.eu) and builds in part on previous achievements reached in the VUELCO Project (of FP7 Theme: ENV.2011.1.3.3-1; Grant 282759; http://www.vuelco.net).

Structure of the VOLCANBOX platform

See for more information:

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