Other models

VOLCANBOX includes two applications to calculate associated processes, as the peak ground acceleration caused by seismic shocks during volcanic events and the landslides susceptibility to identify zones prone to collapse gravitationally in volcanic terrains.

 PGA-tool constitutes a developing tool for calculate and generate peak ground acceleration maps. It computes a synthetic acceleration value at each grid point, which is amplified by the corresponding site amplification factor. It automatically produces maps of realistic synthetic values of the peak ground acceleration in the Iberian Peninsula and the Balearic Islands, the Canary Islands and the worldwide context. Acceleration calculations consider the short-period (0.1-0.5 s) site amplification factor, given by a regional site amplification map, and, optionally, the horizontal peak acceleration values (in cm/s2), which are real-time recorded at ground motion stations. Synthetic acceleration values are computed by means of particular optimum attenuation relationships, which can be selected on a geographical basis. In addition, the tool can calculate realistic synthetic intensity values, using the synthetic acceleration results.