PDC models

VOLCANBOX uses the PDC simulation module included in VORIS 2.0.1 (Felpeto et al 2007), with the implementation done by Toyos et al (2007). This model is based on the the energy cone model proposed by Sheridan and Malin (1983). It uses the concept of “energy line” that links the emission centre plus a certain altitude with the distal limit of the flow deposit. The tangent of the angle of this line relative to the horizontal represents the resistance due to the friction. The output of the model is the maximum potential extent that can be affected by the flow. It also can derive maps of flow velocity or dynamic pressure (both only for scenario option) following the methodology proposed in Toyos et al. (2007).The input parameters are the topography, the collapse equivalent height (H), and the collapse equivalent angle (θ). The intersection of the energy cone, originating at the eruptive source, with the ground surface defines the distal limits of the flow.